How Vast and Large Is Our Global Rainbow Community?

LGBT has long been an abbreviation used to identify and recognize our beautiful community. It is also an abbreviation that represents the struggles we have overcome together as a family. The love, the uniqueness, and the acceptance all constitute to the abbreviation that has now expanded to become LGBTQIA+ because we are an ever-evolving, vast, diverse, and ever-inclusive community. Because we are and while wearing your fantastic outfit you just snagged from our LGBT store, you might begin to wonder how large and wide our family truly is. Let’s take a look. 

The Rise in Self-Identification 

In a survey taken by over 19,000 respondents around the world, a global average of 3% identified as lesbian, gay, or homosexual. 4% identified themselves as bisexual followed by 1% as pansexual/omnisexual, asexual, and other for each category.  

In another report, an increase from 3.5% in 2012 to 7.1% in 2021 identifies as LGBTQ in the United States as 71% support same-sex marriage. 

identify as lgbtq

support for same-sex marriage

What Do All These Numbers Mean? 

Statistics may seem to be just numbers on your screen until you realize that there are, in fact, many people who are not part or did not participate in the surveys because of fear. Fears of being rejected, discriminated against, incarcerated, or worst, threatened or injured are still a part of the harsh reality our global family faces despite the increase in self-identification. These numbers represent generations of people that have accepted their truth, who are now comfortable enough identifying themselves as they truly are, loving who they love and loving themselves to live a peaceful and harmonious life. So, the answer to the question above is it is difficult to determine due to several factors, but one thing remains certain. Our community continues to grow each and every day and providing essential support will be critical. 

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How to Empower Others to Be Strong to Stand Tall in Their Truth 

The simple act of courage as an ally or as a community member will help millions of LGBTQIA+ across the world. You can inspire and motivate generations of our global family by supporting organizations, attending rallies or marches, and voting. It is your support and guidance that will provide the foundation necessary to empower all generations to be more loving, caring, and accepting of one another. Help our community become a catalyst for positive change by supporting legislation that protects our global family. Legislation that supports our LGBTQIA+ community will be key to helping people break free from horrific atrocities for just being who we are and loving who we love. 

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Not Sure Where to Start? 

Perhaps you are still searching through a list of organizations to support and are becoming overwhelmed. Don’t be. We got you! You can start by buying or gifting one of the best Pride month outfits from our shop. Remember, we donate 10% of all proceeds to foundations to help our community thrive. So, grab what you can from our store as you will be well on your way to doing your part in supporting our global rainbow family while looking absolutely fabulous. Oh, and don’t forget to buy a few extra merch for family and friends.