Pride Clothes Discreet Packaging Policy

Have you just come across the most awesome Pride t-shirt ever made that matches the tune to the beat of your drum but have yet to find your way out of the closet? You are probably wondering how you will ever get your hands on that amazing shirt discreetly and privately. You may also be concerned about your nosy neighbors outing you or just utterly annoyed that your privacy is being constantly invaded. Pride Clothes absolutely understands these circumstances. We are dedicated and committed to putting your privacy and safety first. Here are four things we have included in our discreet shipping policy to keep those busybodies out of your tea.

  1. Our packaging will not include any logos or our company name. This means no amount of detective work will ever reveal or suggest the contents of your package.
  2. We will use packaging material that will not only help ensure your privacy but also the security and protection of your items by utilizing highly durable plain brown boxes or sturdy padded bubble mailers during the shipping and delivery process. Our plastic mailer bags are non-transparent.
  3. The package will display Sheertlab LLC, an anonymous company name. 
  4. Sheertlab LLC, the same anonymous company name, will also appear and reflect on your credit or debit card statement, further ensuring your privacy. Depending on your chosen payment method, CLS Drywall & Trim LLC may temporarily appear as a pending or hold charge until it is consolidated or posted by your financial institution. 

There you have it. No discreet pride names to worry about because we understand and we got you! You can now take a sigh of relief and sashay away your anxiety, Lovely. Go back to being worry-free and stress-free, so you can look absolutely and irrevocably drop-dead gorgeous today and each and every day. Remember, you are our top priority, and that’s why we have included these four necessary components into our discreet shipping policy.

Should you need support in any way, please visit our LGBTQ+ resources page by clicking here. It is a page that is dedicated to helping our community because you are our family here at Pride Clothes, Beautiful! Have an awesome time shopping, Hotness!