Impactful Ways to Show Your Love and Support for LGBTQIA+ Young People

Your child has recently gained the courage to say to you, I identify as LGBTQIA+ or you are increasingly starting to notice their distinct uniqueness. You have all these thoughts in your mind about how you can support your child when they have come out or have yet to come out about their sexual orientation, leaving you searching for information on the internet for guidance. We hear you and we got you!

The Data

According to this 2021 survey, only 1 in 3 LGBTQ youth found their homes to be supportive of their identity, 11% affirming and 16% non-affirming homes. This data could mean that a vast majority of young people across the nation and the world are still in the closet, hiding in fear.

LGBTQ Survey

Like many affirming parents and guardians of LGBTQ youth, you want to ensure that your child (no matter the age) is provided with all the support and love that you continue to give to this day. You want to help them build a strong foundation to help them through the challenges they may encounter throughout their lives. But, how?

Great Ways to Support Them on Their Journey

Life’s a journey; a journey toward living a life of love, peace, happiness, freedom, acceptance, and discovery. It is a journey that you have been on for many years, which your child is now embarking on. You may be at a loss for words or unsure about what to do when it comes to talking to your child about sexual orientation or gender identity. Being open and receptive is a great way to start.  This means allowing them to speak freely about anything they want to talk about and assuring them that you will always love and support them. Here are a few additional tips to help support your child and other LGBTQIA+ young people because there is no exclusively one right way to show your support:

  • Let them take the lead by paying attention through comments, observation, their friends, and other family members. Look for clues that they may want to talk to you about their feelings and emotions. You can also ask them if they want to talk about gender identity or sexual orientation with you as they may be waiting for you to bring it up.
  • Just like being open and receptive, you should also be approachable. This means showing your willingness to learn and understand by listening, listening, and listening to them some more without assumptions or judgment.
  • Speaking of being approachable, your body language should also convey friendliness, support, and acceptance. For example, maintaining eye contact, affirmative nods, and asking them for a hug are some protective and encouraging gestures that can help them feel more at ease.
  • If and when they start to talk about who they love, their friends, and partners, accept them, care about them, and welcome them as they are the people your child chooses to spend time with.

Impactful Ways to Show Your Love and Support for LGBTQIA Young People - 3

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