LGBTQIA+ Generations: Pride, Love, and Acceptance

We may all have heard the terms, Generation Z or Gen Z, Millennial, and Baby Boomer when someone refers to an age group or age range for any particular topic. The distinct fundamental differences endured or will be endured by these generations of people will make a lasting impact in shaping future generations to come. This means shared values, experiences, and differentiating views in politics, musical tastes, social justice, and everything in between will continue to be at the forefront in the journey towards acceptance and equal rights for our #LGBTQIA+ family 

A Quick Break Down of the Generations 

Generation names are typically categorized based on when a member of a particular generation becomes an adult. Below is a chart that breaks down the age range for each generation: 

Breakdown of the Generations

Source: Beresford Research 

As you may have noticed, the Baby Boomer generation in the chart has been split into two due to the generation’s large span with some of the oldest members having strikingly different sentiments than that of the younger members of the generation.

  LGBTQIA+ Generations Pride-Love-and Acceptance-2

What Does This Mean for the Community 

As the political landscape has become increasingly polarized, the age groups mentioned above have varying degrees of acceptance and self-identification when it comes to our community and being part of the community. For example, one in six adult Generation Z members in the United States consider themselves to be something other than heterosexual in comparison to older generations to the tune of 2% less for adults born before 1965. So, what has changed? The newer generation has been provided access to tools and support that empower them to be proud of who they are, no matter their race, ethnic or cultural composition, religious affiliation (if any), or political and ideological orientation. 

A Path Forward for Humanity  

More and more members of Gen Z are becoming adults, paving a path forward for humanity to be more accepting and loving of one another. However, the battle for equality is far from over as extreme polarization in society has used exclusivity as a means to segregate and divide marginalized groups like our beautiful global rainbow family of amazing individuals even as we approach the year 2023, denying people their fundamental rights to freedom, protection, and love.  

LGBTQIA+ Generations Pride-Love-and Acceptance-3

What You Can Do to Help  

Are you feeling inspired and motivated to do your part to help the community, but are unsure how or where to start? The first step, whether you are part of the family or an #Ally, is to never forget to love yourself and take care of yourself by wearing or gifting the marvelous and empowering Pride stuff in our shop. The next step is to visit our resources page to connect to the many remarkable organizations that support our community. From there, just keep doing you because gay life matters, that’s a fact! Be happy, be proud, and stand in unity to fight for a peaceful, accepting, and loving world by turning to us to be your one-stop-shop LGBTQ store for all your Pride apparel and accessories needs.