LGBTQIA+ Youth Denied the Fundamental Right to Education in Florida

LGBTQIA+ Youth Denied the Fundamental Right to Education in Florida

Just months away from celebrating a holiday that is known for love, compassion, and acceptance, a religious school in Florida denies the LGBTIA+ youth of our community the fundamental human right to education. A source indicates that the school located in Valrico will ask students who are gay, transgender or gender nonconforming" to leave the school immediately."

Florida: The New Battleground for LGBTQIA+ Equality and Human Rights 

You might begin to feel confused and even outraged that this is happening in one of the world’s most iconic places that celebrate Pride. It is with no doubt and with a heavy heart to learn that, unfortunately, these types of circumstances are becoming increasingly common in the state. Not long ago, you might have read on the news about Florida Gov. DeSantis filing a disorderly conduct complaint against a restaurant that hosted a drag show in July. These complaints against love may start to feel like a one-step forward and two steps back state of affairs in a place where great strides in progressive initiatives that support our LGBT+ community have been fought for and won.


Love, Power, and Justice

Contrasting polarities are ever more present today, which have turned a once peaceful and unified nation into a horrifyingly violent landscape full of prejudice and hate. Divide and conquer as the saying goes, but not in a world where love and hope are very much still alive. The extreme polarization of political views in society has weaponized love, power, and justice to destroy and alienate when they are supposed to create environments of support, acceptance, and peace.

We need to get back to understanding that love is powerful and there is power in love. The justice that it serves is “love correcting everything that stands against love.”

A Call for Unity and Solidarity in Fighting Against Hate and Inequality  

You might begin to wonder about all the ways you can help to be part of the right side of history. There are numerous avenues to provide your support. Here are just to name a few.

  1. Let your voice be heard by joining a rally. Stand hand-in-hand with our community, and get involved right away.
  2. Donating to an organization will provide critical and immediate support to help the most vulnerable and isolated with the least resources.
  3. Sharing resources with family, friends, and the community will definitely play an important role and a big part. Check out our resources page as it contains a list of several organizations that can connect you and your loved ones to local resources in your area.
  4. Exercise your right to vote. Voting empowers us to take control of our rights.

LGBTQIA+ Youth Denied the Fundamental Right to Education in Florida

Taking action through the channels mentioned above can help our community become stronger than ever before. Remember, we are here to support you and our global family. Let’s fight the good fight together for a peaceful, equal, loving, and accepting world.