New Korean Sign Language Empowers LGBTQIA+ Community

When someone mentions K-pop, some of the first things that may likely come to mind are the top Korean music bands and groups that wow and entertain teens and adults alike. Korean pop music culture has certainly made its mark all over the world, including in the United States. BTS, a popular K-pop band has recently begun incorporating sign language into their videos, delighting loyal and new fans with their upbeat music and skillfully choreographed dance moves while ensuring the inclusion of the deaf and hearing impaired community. 

Freedom of Expression with Dignity-Respect-and Pride-2

LGBT and Sign Language: Eliminating Discrimination

Speaking of sign language, two Korean LGBT activists created over 30 alternative sign expressions to help our wonderfully diverse and loving community express our truth with dignity, respect, and #Pride. Woo Ji-yang, one of the creators, is a deaf gay man who felt humiliated throughout his life when introducing his sexual identity in KSL (Korean Sign Language) which caused him some hesitation to come out. Why? The standard KSL sign for gay portrays a sexual act of anal intercourse between two men, a degrading connotation that is overly sexualized.

He and co-creator Kim Bo-seok, who has also experienced similar situations, decided to develop new sign language expressions to help others live free and proud to be who they are and who they love. The creators are planning to file a formal complaint to the National Institute of Korean Language to remove the existing offensive sign language expressions to eliminate discrimination, prejudice, hatred, and shame. They also hope that these new expressions will be registered and officially recognized throughout the globe.

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Our Community and Beloved #Allies

Let us show our support for these two amazing creators by actively using the new #LGBTQIA+ sign expressions while wearing an absolutely unique and attractive Pride Tee today. Wear it proudly and loudly wherever you go. The expressions include sign language terms for gay, lesbian, queer, non-binary, ally, and many more. Stand in unity to show the world that #LOVEWINS and will always prevail. Let’s dance, let’s sing, and let us love while adding to your pride items collection today.