Russia's Invasion of Ukraine and Its Effects on Our Global LGBTQ+ Community

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has put a global focus on racism, inequality, and social injustice. It has united people across the world in an effort to search for sustainable solutions to improving the way of life for all inhabitants of planet earth. However, recent events have forced the global community to find and implement immediate peaceful initiatives that will guide and serve as a resolution that will support acceptance, inclusion, peace, and unity.
Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and its Effects on Our Global LGBTQ Community

Despite the ongoing invasion, #LGBTQ+ Ukrainians and Russians have always shared a common goal: to live in #peace and to be able to #love who they love without the fear of being prosecuted or shamed for who they are, and rightfully so. The invasion has exacerbated the inequalities and injustices experienced by the community, leaving many support organizations wondering if their fight for equality and human rights was all in vain.
You are probably wondering how this affects you and the world around you. It affects everyone. Why? Because the turmoil in Ukraine and other countries around the world has set a very dangerous precedent, suggesting that there is no escape from the impulses of corruption, oppression, and tyranny. Wars and conflict affect everyone, emotionally and physically. The exposure of the special vulnerabilities that our community faces leaves us at a higher risk of danger. For this reason, it is even more critical today to unite for peace and acceptance by volunteering or supporting organizations and businesses that will serve as a forefront for positive #change.
Walls and Fences: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Several #queer Ukrainians have taken arms by serving in the military while the #LGBTQ+ communities in neighboring countries have come together to help those fleeing the war. #LGBTQAllies in Russia are growing increasingly concerned that martial law may be imposed by #Putin, and fear that the community will be “hunted.”
These are two sides of the same coin, the invisible yet very visible walls and fences that protect yet segregate and separate, targeting vulnerable minority groups no matter what side of a country’s border one finds themselves on.
As #LGBTQrefugees seek life-saving support, the community faces discrimination in neighboring countries with anti-gay laws, particularly in Poland and Hungary. Activists and #PrideAllies in Poland have been offering and providing support by connecting our community with people that will understand the needs for an #LGBTQIA+ safe and accepting haven.
The War Rages on While Governments of the World Impose Sanctions
Sanctions have been the weapon of choice by the United States and several other countries against Russia. These very sanctions, however, affect the entire globe. Supply chain participants, both businesses and consumers, are suffering from the sanctions, causing a relatively immediate worldwide increase in prices for fuel, food, and other essentials. Governments are now forced to search for effective measures to counter the effects of the sanctions to help ease the high costs at the pump and at the grocery stores in their respective countries. #RussianLGBTQyouth have been facing even more extreme obstacles since the implementation and execution of these economic sanctions.
What We Can Do to Help
Advocacy remains to be one of the best ways for our voices to be heard, providing an efficient way for words to turn into action. Participating, joining, and supporting organizations will also be essential in the fight for equality and peace. Here are two organizations that support #LGBTQ+UkrainianRefugees.
  • QUA is a non-governmental organization for #LGBTQUkrainians and their allies in the United States.
  • OutRight Action International is a human rights advocacy group that is currently accepting donations to support #LGBTIQUkrainians.

You can also visit our resources page to connect with other organizations that offer their support. If you are planning to join or want to join Ukraine’s #InternationalLegion, this link will provide you with more information and guidance.
Unity within our #globalcommunity will become one of the most important weapons to use in the fight against inequality, racism, oppression, and social injustice.

Stand together to help one another, to care for one another, and to fight for those who need help for a better, brighter, and peaceful future.