Sexuality and Gender Identity: What’s the Difference?

We are all unique in many ways in addition to what the naked eye can see and how others perceive us to be based on our outward appearance. Our diverse and colorful community encompasses individuals from all walks of life, including all ethnicities, gender, age, identities, and sexualities, everyone. We are a blooming bouquet of love, acceptance, and support. As a result, our ever-inclusive LGBTQIA+ family often faces questions like what it means to be LGBT or what is the difference between gender and sexuality. Does it mean that if one identifies as transgender, they are automatically assumed to be gay? 

Sexuality and Gender Identity Whats the Difference - 2

Definition Versus Perception 

If you google the terms gender and sexuality, you might find that these two definitions have nothing in common. Gender is defined as characteristics pertaining to femininity and masculinity while sexuality is about one’s attraction, feelings, thoughts, and behavior toward another person. However, if you really think about it, they both equally play an important role when it comes to identity. Each aspect is bound by social constructs that vary from society to society and can change over time, leaving us wondering why others assume what they assume when these terms can change and people are not and should not be defined by sexuality and gender. You are who you are, you love who you love, and that is what makes you and all of us distinctly unique amazing individuals. So, are all who identify as transgender gay? 

No and Nope! 

Remember, the “T” in LGBTQIA+ refers to someone’s gender identity, NOT their sexual orientation. This means that a person who identifies as transgender can be straight, gay, queer, pansexual, asexual, or any other sexual orientation. Being transgender does not have to mean exclusivity. You can be who you want to be and love who you want to love as it is your human right to do so. 

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Fight for Equal Human Rights!

Speaking of human rights, the fight for equality remains to be a battle perceived to be for special rights. It is not a special right to become who you truly are or celebrate your authentic self. It is not a special right to love the people you love. It is not a special right to be treated fairly and equally. It is not a special right to be free as all of these are necessary human rights for all. We might look different, but that’s what makes us unique. We might or might not share the same opinions or may identify differently from the next person, but that is why we live in a remarkably diverse society, providing a foundation for acceptance and inclusivity. At our core, we share the same DNA, human DNA, and we should all live together in peace and harmony while celebrating and supporting each person’s individuality.  

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