The Road to Equal Human Rights of Freedom of Movement

The act of living or moving from one country to another is the definition of immigration. Freedom of movement is a human right. So, why is the “free” component of the term seemingly only for the privileged when it comes to immigrating to another country? How does the lack of freedom to choose where to live impact the LGBTQ and BIPOC communities? 

The Road to Equal Human Rights of Freedom of Movement - 2

Our Colorful LGBTQIA+ Members Around the World 

Our community is no stranger to discrimination and hate despite an increase of people identifying themselves as other than heterosexual regardless of race or ethnicity. However, African and Latin American countries are some of the deadliest countries for LGBTQIA+ due to their inhuman laws that include imprisonment and flogging for identifying as homosexual or speaking out for equal rights. For these reasons, it is no surprise that a majority of people living in these countries would flee to safe havens like the United States. 

Community “Friendly” Country with “Not So Friendly” States 

As you have probably read and heard, Texas’ current governor Greg Abbott is on a rampage against migrants (that includes LGBT and BIPOC members), busing migrants away to D.C. and spending millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money when it can be used to help many human lives. Someone who has experienced this horrifying injustice and indignity reports that buses were not authorized to stop anywhere in Texas, enduring countless hours on the road without respite. 

Florida’s governor is quick to follow suit in a place that is widely known for its vibrant #BIPOC and #LGBT community, warning migrants to not enter the state. With all the negative news, you might begin to wonder why all the hate. No doubt, it is all just a political stunt, a show of bigotry to support and reach a voter base that is fueled by hate and discrimination with a sense of elitism. 

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March, Rally, Speak Up, and Fight for Equal Human Rights 

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