True Confessions of Love: The Unforgettable Stranger Things Scene

Heart-wrenching does not even begin to describe the scene. What scene am I referring to? The scene where Will projects his true feelings for his long-term bestie, Mike, under the guise of Eleven’s perspective. I am sure that we have experienced similar situations in our lives when it comes to absolutely pouring our hearts out to someone who, frighteningly, may not share the same mutual feelings. The journey and the struggle are very real.

A Transparent Mirror

Watching Will as he carefully articulates everything that screams “I LOVE YOU, MIKE!” is like a wave of heart-piercing emotions that compels you to reach into your television screen and give Will a much-needed hug. Throughout the seasons of Stranger Things, you may have noticed that Noah Schnapp’s character has always faced challenges. Whether physically or emotionally, he was oftentimes left to his own devices, sacrificing himself for the good of others. Until, the follow up scene, that is.

Jonathan Understood

The scene ends with Will’s older brother watching in the rearview mirror, silently understanding everything that was going on in the conversation between Will and Mike. The follow up scene was hauntingly beautiful because Will can finally turn to someone for support. Jonathan, speaking in code, conveys to Will that he is there for him and will love him no matter what because they are brothers. “It is going to be okay.”

Not Everyone Will Have That Kind of Support, But It Does Not Have to Be That Way

Whether it is infatuation, a love for a person you have known for ages, or just trying to figure things out for yourself, it is intense and undeniably a never-in-our-lifetime-will-we-forget moment that will impact our lives and continue to, especially when the feelings are bottled up. Will is fortunate to have such a loving, accepting, and caring brother for support. However, not everyone will gain access to that kind of support system, you might even say that it is impossible. Wait. It does not have to be that way. You do not have to face it alone. Our LGBTQIA+ community is here for you and we acknowledge, understand, and support you on your journey towards a life of acceptance, positivity, love, and peace. We are here for you, whatever you need, because we care and we love you.  If you have not done so, please visit our resources page for a treasure trove of information that will help connect you to the support you need. Remember, you are amazing, you matter, and you are important. Let’s celebrate you, together!