Why We Celebrate Pride Month and Not Just a Day of Pride

The month of June is quickly approaching and you know what that means, right? Pride month! It is a month-long celebration of our massive and beautiful community, supporting, loving, and caring for one another. It is not only a month full of joyous and exciting activities, but it is also a month that commemorates and honors the Stonewall riots that occurred in 1969. But, why is pride celebrated all month instead of just a single day? 


In the early morning of June 28th 1969, the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village of Lower Manhattan in New York City was raided by local law enforcement which marked a pivotal moment in history that helped become the precursor and a catalyst for LGBT rights and political activism in the United States. Local police brutally hauled away employees and visitors of the establishment, sparking outrage in the community. Because of these hostile acts by law enforcement, the community was forced to take action by way of protests, riots, and clashes with the police to stand firm in the fight against hatred, discrimination, and inequality. The riots lasted for six days. On the anniversary following the riots that began on June 28th, thousands took to the streets of Manhattan in remembering the devastating events that took place. What was then called “Christopher Street Liberation Day,” became the first Gay Pride Parade in America.

The Thereafter ….

The events that took place in Greenwich Village ignited the modern LGBTQ rights movement. However, the fight for equality and acceptance took a steady rise in the 1950s, a time when social oppression created a cultural revolution. The days, the months, and the years after Stonewall have not only united our LGBT family but also expanded our community to become ever-inclusive and ever-supportive, we are LGBTQIA+. So, why is it Pride Month and not Pride Day? It is because a series of events happened in history. It allows everyone to reflect, to remember, to honor, to celebrate, to bring awareness, and to provide time to organize many events. It is a commemorative observance that will take more than just a single day of celebration. 

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